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Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Truth About Training

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Blog Post: The Truth About Training

Good morning Mr. George.  I’m quite intrigued by the initiatives the company is about to embark on.  I am however, a bit concerned that we risk failure if we continue with a lack of emphasis on staff training and development. We risk employee dissatisfaction and disengagement as it has been proven that employees count proper training as a measure of their worth to the company (Bradley, 2010), we also ignore the fact that our new initiatives demand specialized, industry-specific knowledge (Noe, 2010), and also we risk the ineffective use of time and company resources if our employees are not properly trained (Laureate Inc., n.d.). On the other hand, training, when done intentionally and correctly is critical to the achievement of business goals and strategy.  As a company examines its business strategy, it would naturally identify the activities that need to be accomplished in order to achieve that strategy. You then ought to ensure that your people on the ground – your employees are equipped to achieve those activities and related tasks.  Strategic, intentional training is the only way to achieve this. It is a critical predictor of the success of your business strategy.


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  1. Divia,

    Nice work.

    Would an observation of several stores help with understanding the training needs of the employees?